American Birders Association

The American Birding Association aims to inspire all people to enjoy and protect birds. Includes links to publications and other resources.

Audubon Christmas Bird Counts

The first CBCs were conducted in 1900. Coordinated by the National Audubon Society, this survey has become the oldest continuous wildlife survey in North America. Enter CBC data online and review results from recent and past monitoring seasons.

Bird Banding Laboratory

This is the website for the North American Bird Banding Program. which is jointly administered by the Canadian Wildlife Service and the United States Geological Survey. This program issues the permits, provides the bands, and coordinates the marking projects in the North America.

Bird Monitoring in North America

The monitoring programs highlighted on these pages can be used to track changes in North American bird populations. These trends give conservationists, managers, citizens, and policy makers a window into the natural world and the health of environment. Includes links to the MAPS projects and others.

Bird Sounds

Listen to the sounds of 602 North American bird species.

Bird Studies Canada

BSC conducts and promotes studies on avian distribution, abundance and population changes and their underlying causes; communicates the results to the public; and generates information in support of the conservation of Canadian birds and their habitats. Follow through the site to the home page to review the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network Homepage and explore migration stations across the country.

Birding British Columbia

A Birding Guide to all of British Columbia featuring birding articles & resources, area checklist, bird watch postings forum, local hotspots, virtual birding tour, skills area, weather reports, and visiting birder information.


The site is a service of the Ornithological Council, a public information organization involving ten North American professional ornithological societies. Links to these societies including the American Ornithologists’ union are found at this site.


BirdNote is a radio series about the intriguing ways of birds. BirdNote shows are two-minute vignettes that incorporate the rich sounds of birds with stories that illustrate the interesting—and in some cases, truly amazing—abilities of birds. Available as podcasts.

Birds of North America Online

The Birds of North America is a comprehensive reference covering the life histories of North America’s breeding birds. Account contents are updated frequently, with contributions from researchers, citizen scientists, and designated reviewers and editors. BNA Online contains image and video galleries showing plumages, behaviors, habitat, nests and eggs, and more. And most online BNA accounts feature recordings of the songs and calls of their species, recordings selected from the extensive collection of Cornell’s Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds.

British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas

The BC Breeding Bird Atlas is a five year project to determine the distribution and relative abundance of birds across British Columbia. It is the first time that a project of this scale has been undertaken in the province. Volunteers collect data and submit it on-line, where information can be viewed by everyone. The results will form a foundation for conservation policy and legislation and to ask important questions about how climate change affects on our environment, species at risk, environmental assessment and how to keep common birds common.

Canadian Migration Monitoring Network

This network of migration monitoring stations from the Bay of Fundy to Vancouver Island, supported by Bird Studies Canada, ensures that migratory bird populations are adequately monitored from coast to coast.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

A variety of bird projects that will inspire all amateur birders. A non-profit unit of Cornell University that encourages research, education and conservation.


A spectacularly useful interactive website to help students, volunteers and professionals improve their skills at identifying birds by sight or by sound, particularly so that they can participate in nature survey and monitoring programs. Log in as a Canadian Guest or start an account for more resources.

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s mission is to conserve wetlands and associated habitats for the benefit of North America’s waterfowl, which in turn provide healthy environments for wildlife and people.

Electronic Atlas of British Columbia’s Fauna

E-Fauna BC is an electronic atlas of the wildlife of British Columbia. It is a cooperative partnership project of the UBC Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis, in the Department of Geography, with the goal of providing a comprehensive, centralized source of information on BC wildlife in a GIS-based format.

Electronic Resources on Ornithology

An extensive linking index of international birding resources. Explore provincial birding groups and societies or discover European and Asian bird clubs. Some commercial sites and general links are included as well.

Glossary of Avian Terms for Use in Avian Conservation Biology

An excellent glossary that provides standard definitions for many of the terms used in avian conservation biology. A great way to brush up on your birding-banding verbatim in preparation for the breeding and migration season.

Important Bird Areas

Canada’s Important Bird Areas Program is a science-based initiative to identify, conserve, and monitor a network of sites that provide essential habitat for Canada’s bird populations.

Macaulay Library

Part of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Macaulay Library is the world’s largest and oldest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video recordings. Their mission is to collect and preserve recordings of each species’ behavior and natural history, to facilitate the ability of others to collect and preserve such recordings, and to actively promote the use of these recordings for diverse purposes spanning scientific research, education, conservation, and the arts.

Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Program

MAPS is an Institute for Bird Populations initiative in coordination with public agencies, private organizations and the bird banders of North America to provide long-term data on the productivity, survivorship and population sizes of target land bird species through constant-effort mist netting, banding and point counts during the breeding season.

National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society’s mission to conserve birds and their habitats began nearly a century ago, when concerned citizens, calling themselves the Audubon Societies, organized against the senseless slaughter of birds. The site contains bird species profiles, a watch list, current events, and lists birding festivals.

North American Bird Breeding Survey

The BBS is a cooperative effort between the U.S. Geological Survey’s Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and Environment Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service to monitor the status and trends of North American bird populations. Following a rigorous protocol, BBS data are collected by thousands of dedicated participants along thousands of randomly established roadside routes throughout the continent. Professional BBS coordinators and data managers work closely with researchers and statisticians to compile and deliver these population data and population trend analyses on more than 400 bird species, for use by conservation managers, scientists, and the general public.

Ornithology Exchange

Blogs, news, reviews about ornithologogy.

Partners in Flight – British Columbia Working Group

Partners in Flight (PIF) is a dynamic and welcoming network of more than 150 partner organizations distributed throughout the Western Hemisphere engaged in all aspects of landbird conservation from science, research, planning, and policy development, to land management, monitoring, education, and outreach. PIF’s simple, proactive mission: Keeping common birds common and helping species at risk through voluntary partnerships. To halt and reverse bird population declines before they are listed as threatened or endangered is a cost effective and common sense business model for the future.

Patuxent Wildlife Research Centre

A U.S. Geological Service biological resource centre that deals with waterfowl harvest management, wildlife habitat improvement, effects of environmental contaminants, endangered species conservation, migratory bird management, and wildlife population analysis. Includes links to several banding surveys and monitoring programs.


If you handle birds you will want to visit Piranga, a segment of the Nature Instruct website and a companion to Dendroica. This site is for bird banders who need to see close ups of birds-in-hand, and you will need to register (it’s free and simple) to use Piranga.


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