BC Butterfly Atlas

The BC Butterfly Atlas is a community-based citizen science project aimed at increasing knowledge of the status and distribution of butterflies in British Columbia. It will harness the efforts of both professional biologists and citizen naturalists to document the distribution and abundance of butterflies in British Columbia. Gathering butterfly records from across BC will help identify which species are truly rare and which are more common, provide a snapshot of butterfly populations to which past and future surveys can be compared, and inform efforts to conserve butterflies and their habitats. Results will be collated into a single database and made available on maps on the project website. The project website includes many resources, including a Twitter feed for sightings.


Hundreds of people across Canada observe, photograph and collect butterflies for fun and for science. eButterfly makes doing that easier and brings the lepidopterist community closer together. Regional experts review records submitted and consult when necessary with users to make sure species identifications and locations are reasonable. You can choose to make your records publicly available or private if you have found a particularly sensitive species. Scientists will use eButterfly data to understand how butterflies respond and adapt to environmental changes, including climate change and the effects of human land use. The mission includes both a scientific and practical dimension. The science is run from the Canadian Facility for Ecoinformatics Research at the University of Ottawa’s Department of Biology and is the citizen science component of the Canada Global Change Transect. The practical mission is to contribute to conservation of Canada’s biodiversity through engagement and advice to policymakers.

Electronic Atlas of British Columbia’s Fauna

E-Fauna BC is an electronic atlas of the wildlife of British Columbia. It is a cooperative partnership project of the UBC Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis, in the Department of Geography, with the goal of providing a comprehensive, centralized source of information on BC wildlife in a GIS-based format.

Entomological Society of Canada

The Entomological Society of Canada represents hundreds of entomologists from all parts of Canada and around the world. The Society is promotes research, dissemination of knowledge of insects, and encourages the continued participation of all “students and lovers of Entomology”.


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