Biodiversity Centre for Wildlife Studies

The primary function of the Biodiversity Centre for Wildlife Studies is to operate and maintain the Wildlife Data Centre, the location for gathering, compiling, archiving, and summarizing information on wildlife in British Columbia.

Biodiversity of British Columbia

The website provides an introduction to the biological diversity of British Columbia, insight into what biodiversity is, and access to detailed comprehensive information on the plant and animals species that the ecosystems of BC support. Includes introductions to BC’s biodiversity hot spots, discusses conservation issues surrounding these, and provides an introduction to the province’s rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Includes E-Flora BC and E-Fauna BC.

Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification Program

This is the web portal for the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) and Ecology Research program of the British Columbia’s Ministry of Forests and Range. This website is the source for basic information about how the BEC system works, an introduction to regional and branch staff and their current projects, and access to the reports, maps, software, and other products of the program.

Biogeoclimatic Ecosytsem Classification System Educational Training Site

This site provides an educational perspective on the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) System in BC. The BEC system was developed by Dr. V.J. Krajina of the University of BC and has been adopted and expanded by the BC Ministry of Forests as a framework for managing ecosystems. Since the 1970’s, regional ecologists have continued to refine and develop the classification system.

Conservation Data Centre

The British Columbia Conservation Data Centre (CDC) systematically collects and disseminates information on the rare and endangered plants, animals, and plant communities of British Columbia.

Species and Ecosystems at Risk in British Columbia

This is a gateway to information about endangered species in British Columbia, including Conservation Data Centre, Species Status Reports, the Provincial Natural Plant Community Tracking List, and more.

Species At Risk Registry – Federal

The Public Registry fulfills the requirement under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) for the Minister of the Environment to establish a public registry for the purpose of facilitating access to SARA-related documents.On this site, you can: review Canada’s strategy and legislation for protecting and recovering species; submit a comment on a document open for public consultation or sign up to our email newsletter to stay informed; learn about funding or apply for a permit to carry out activities affecting species at risk.


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