BC Hydro Report on Benefits of Reservoir Re-vegetation

In May 2004, the BC Hydro Strategic Environmental Initiatives Program created a compilation CD containing reports pertaining to the benefits of revegetation of the Upper Arrow Reservoir drawdown zone. See list of titles on the CD, below.

Click the link below to download the CD. The file is a large download at 36 MB. The file is a compressed zip archive that will need to be extracted after download.

Download CD Program (36MB ZIP Archive)

After unzipping the file, open “BCH_START.pdf” to run the program.

CD Table of Contents:

Overview Report

  • Evaluation of Ancillary Benefits of Reservoir Drawdown Zone Revegetation in the Upper Arrow Reservoir: Overview Report – Michael McPhee and Edward Hill, May 2003

Vegetation Studies

  • Summary Report on Vegetation and Soil Analyses for the 1999 Pilot Study – Revelstoke Reach – Upper Arrow Reservoir – Anne Moody and CARR Environmental Consultants, May 2000
  • Synthesis of Vegetation and Soil Studies for Revelstoke Reach – Upper Arrow Reservoir – Anne Moody and CARR Environmental Consultants, May 2002
  • Vegetation Mapping (1968-2000) of Dust Control Treatment Areas – Revelstoke Reach – Upper Arrow Reservoir – Anne Moody, March 2002
  • Long-Term Monitoring of Vegetation Expansion and Trials in the Dust Control Treatment Areas of Revelstoke Reach – Upper Arrow Reservoir – Anne Moody, March 2002
  • Quantification of Vegetation Inputs to Revelstoke Reach Summary of 2000 Field Program – Vegetation and Soil Analyses – Anne Moody and CARR Environmental Consultants, July 2002Vegetation Benefits to Fish: A Literature Review – Anne Moody, CARR Environmental Consultants, and J.G. Stockner, April 2000

Aquatic Studies

  • Biofilm, Invertebrates and Fish Communities Associated with Vegetation Strata in the Drawdown Zone of the Arrow Lakes Reservoir – Final Report – C.J. Perrin and J.G. Stockner, March 2002

Wildlife Studies

  • Columbia River-Revelstoke Migration Monitoring Station Final Banding Report for 2001 – Janice Jarvis, 2002
  • Songbird Use of Floodplain Vegetation Types in the Revelstoke Reach, Upper Arrow Reservoir, British Columbia Canada – John Boulanger, John Woods, and Janice Jarvis, April 2002
  • Waterbirds of the Revelstoke Reach Wetlands, Upper Arrow Reservoir, Revelstoke, British Columbia Canada – John Woods and Janice Jarvis, June 2001

Recreation Studies

  • Upper Arrow Seeding and Recreation Study – Marc Pederson, August 2001
  • Group and Organized Recreation Activities in the Upper Arrow Reservoir Drawdown Zone – Michael McPhee, March 2002

Ecological Modelling

  • Simulating the Response of Aquatic and Riparian Productivity to Reservoir Operations: Description of the Vegetation and Littoral Components of BC Hydro’s Integrated Response Model (IRM) – Josh Korman, December 2002


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