Policy for Nominating and Selecting CMI Directors

This policy provides direction on nominating, screening, and selecting candidates for the CMI Board.

Note: Core requirements for election of Directors for the Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology are described in our bylaws.

Nominating Candidates

  1. The membership will be solicited to nominate Directors at least one month in advance of each regular Annual General Meeting to allow time for an election process. See bylaws for election requirements. The Annual General Meeting is now held early in the new year, usually early February.
  2. Directors and the membership may nominate new Directors at any time when a seat has become vacant on the Board.
  3. Nominations can come only from CMI members in good standing.
  4. Nominations must be in writing either by hardcopy letter or by email and be to the CMI President or Executive Director.
  5. Nominees must provide (to the CMI Executive Director) a resume and statement of interest regarding their contribution to the mandate and mission of CMI. The nominee’s credentials may be verified as necessary (e.g., through reference checks.)
  6. All nominees eligible for election or appointment as a Director must be confirmed by the existing Directors. Nominees are screened by the current Directors based on the objective of creating a Board with a diversity of backgrounds able to meet the interests of the society and reflect the ecological, environmental, and resource management issues of the Columbia Mountains. Suitability will be discussed by the Board. The nomination will proceed provided no more than one person in the quorum discussion opposes it.
  7. In those unusual cases where a nominee is rejected by the Board, a rationale statement will be prepared by the Board and, upon request, made available to the nominee.

Selecting Directors

Directors are selected by election or appointment.


  1. Election requirements are laid out by the bylaws with additional guidance provided in this policy, as revised from time to time.
  2. Elections must occur once each year with the results announced at the regular AGM. Terms for elected Directors begin at the AGM following their election.
  3. If there are more eligible nominees for election than there are available seats on the Board, a vote will be conducted by ballot prior to the AGM. Otherwise, the nominees will be acclaimed.


  1. Directors may be appointed by the existing Directors whenever there is a vacancy unless the vacancy becomes available within two months prior to a scheduled election.
  2. The appointment will proceed provided no more than one person opposes it.
Ratified by the CMI Board of Directors on March 13, 2008


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