Submitting your presentation summary paper for proceedings

Your paper will be compiled with information from the other presenters into a conference summary, which will be posted as a free PDF download on our web site.

  • If you offered to make a presentation, you have also assumed responsibility for sending a written summary of your presentations before the event.
  • We do not accept PowerPoint slides in lieu of a paper.
  • Our conference summary is not a peer-reviewed document.
  • If you are presenting on a topic that has been published, we will use your abstract and provide the citation for the published paper.

We use the Forest science program style guide and authors manual as our style guide. Published in 2008 by the Ministry of Forests and Range Science Program, this is an excellent reference for writing your reports and papers.

Send this information:

Title Keep it brief and make sure that your topic is clear. This should match the title on your abstract.
Presenter’s information Name, affiliation, email address, phone number, postal address, web site if you have one. In the conference summary we will include only your name, affiliation, town, and email address.
Co-authors (if applicable) Names, affiliations, email addresses. Clarify who is lead author if it is not you.
Length of your summary There is no maximum size. Most people send in 4-6 pages, single spaced, including illustrations and references.
Formatting of your text Use Microsoft Word and keep your formatting very simple. Your formatting will be stripped and rebuilt so it matches the rest of the document.
Web sites If you referred to web sites or other references in your presentation, please be sure to include them in your paper.
Illustrations and captions Figures and tables should be referred to in your text.
Include captions for each figure and table.
We assume that the illustrations are yours, or that you have obtained permission to include them. We will include photo credits if you provide them.
Published work Copyright laws mean we cannot accept a paper that has been published. If your presentation was about something you have published, send us your abstract and the citation.
References Use the author-date system when citing published works or acknowledging unpublished material in the text. List these references alphabetically at the end of the manuscript.
Forest science program style guide and authors manual explains how to format your references, see page 85.
Acknowledgements Just a reminder — you may wish to acknowledge your funders and partners in your summary as well as in your “live” presentation.

Send your paper by email, as an attachment, to

Your paper will be stripped of formatting and the formatting for the master document will be applied. Your text will receive a light copy-edit. You will have an opportunity to look at your paper before it goes public

Please be sure to explain all of your acronyms.

Would you like to see samples of the conference summaries we have prepared for other events? Look at the “Past Events” section of our web site for a list of past conferences, choose a conference, and follow the link to the PDF download. For example, take a look at this sample.


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