Privacy Policy

The Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology wishes to conserve the privacy of personal information gathered from its members and the interested public. CMI safeguards this information as detailed below.

Personal data and electronic distribution lists

CMI generates a membership database of personal information that includes individuals’ affiliations, postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. This information comes from solicited user input from the CMI website, telephone, email, or from Canada Post. These data are stored on a secure computer that only authorized staff can access.

CMI transmits regular updates to its members via email. CMI uses the services of a third party email distribution service, operated under the control of the CMI Executive Director.

CMI maintains a list of people wishing to receive event announcements. This information comes from solicited user input from the CMI website and conference or course evaluation forms. Announcements are sent through a third party email distribution service operated under the control of the CMI Executive Director.

Protocol for CMI events

Participant lists for courses, workshops, and conferences are compiled to aid with the delivery of these events. To encourage networking, participant lists are displayed at events in print format and include names, affiliations, cities, and email addresses. When participants register they may indicate that they decline to have this information displayed at the event. Particpant lists are not generally made available to any third party outside of these venues, with the exception of the organizing committee for the event, and the instructors for a course. Any other exception will be noted on the registration form, and the information would be subject to the privacy policy of the organization we share the list with.

CMI conference summaries do not include participant lists.


CMI accepts on-line credit card payments for registration fees through the PayPal secured interface. Credit card information is not stored by the Columbia Mountains Institute.

Abstracts and speaker or instructor contact information will be posted within the CMI website (name, affiliation, city, email address), usually in the conference summary prepared for each event. Speakers may choose to not have their email address posted.

Hyperlinks to other websites are present on the CMI website. Those websites are independent of CMI. Be sure to read their privacy statements before submitting personal information to those websites.

Revised March 2013


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