Introduction to Bayesian Methods for Ecologists

  • Start Date: November 03, 2009
  • End Date: November 05, 2009
  • City: Revelstoke BC
  • Instructor: Dr. Carl Schwarz

Course description

This three day course was taught by Dr. Carl Schwarz, from Simon Fraser University. Bayesian methods supplement the standard analysis methods such as regression, ANOVA, and generalized linear models. They are helpful in two general situations. First, when information from a number of studies is to be merged together. Second, there are certain problems that are “hard” to do using standard methods. For example, dealing with censored data in regression, or random effects in logistic regression. This course presented a overview of the use of Bayesian methods in ecology.

Course content

  • Introduction to R
  • Conceptual overview of Bayesian methods and comparisons with standard methods
  • Introduction to WinBugs
  • Hierarchical models – borrowing information
  • Two-sample comparisons of means and proportions in a Bayesian context
  • The regression model in a Bayesian context
  • The ANOVA models in a Bayesian context
  • Generalized linear models in a Bayesian context
  • Simple mark-recapture models in a Bayesian context.


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