Climate Scientists on hope and action

An essay is born out of season 6 of the CREDtalks, focused on the theme of Climate Disruption in the Upper Columbia Basin. At the end of the season, project coordinator Hailey Ross posed a question to the speakers asking them “How or where do you find hope? What inspires you to take action, to keep going?” Her original vision was to share a bulleted list of resources and sources of inspiration with registrants – but what came about was an engaging email exchange with a diversity of responses. A collection of thoughts that was nuanced, raw, funny, inspiring, human. The responses were not polished, not peer-reviewed. In many cases they were off-the-cuff gritty comments. We’ve decided to share them with you. So, with speaker permission and the support of writer Donna MacDonald, these emails (or segments of them) have been strung together into an essay. You can read the essay here.

We hope you enjoy this – that it makes you laugh, makes you sad, that you nod or shake your head, and that you let us know what you think. Remember, the talk recordings are all available for free via the event webpage here.


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